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100χρόνια από την επανάσταση της Χιμάρας

"Shekulli Newspaper": Himariotes will build monument for Spiro Milo

Xhufi: Spiromilo, only a mercenary of Athens

Marko: Spiro Milo is the symbol of Himara, opposed not only the Great Powers but also Greece
by Skerdilajd Zaimi

History repeats itself, but nevertheless it brought back unknown. Himara problem, has entered into historical and political discussion rather through nationalist optics.According to historian Xhufi Dove, the truths of 100 years ago, may not be covered with propaganda, although the Albanian disease is the same issue just as before.Mr.Xhufi, what represents what is known in history as the Revolt of Himara run under the influence of Spiro Spiromilos?

What is required to appear as "uprising of 1912 Himara" was not a movement of population Himara: desantimi was a military operation organized by the Greek Army Headquarters under the First Balkan War, intended to prevent the creation of Albanian state and the annexation of territories of Southern Albania, Vlora, including myself. In this operation involved two battalions of Greek regular army with a lineup of "volunteers" from Crete, a total of 1500 troops, to the end of October 1912 landed in Himara from two Greek Navy warships. In this action was included Greek Army Major, from Himara Spiro Milo, along with several other Himara residing in Athens, who, by activating some other grekomanë Himara, were used from Athens to give even this aggression appearance of a new military "movement from within." The same story of Lëkurës in 1878 and that Athens has tried to do well in later years, until our days, of course with other forms of assets. As I mentioned, the landing of Greek troops in Himara was conducted prior to the declared independence of Albania and its purpose was, as I said, to prevent the creation of an Albanian state and did actually perform the annexation of what the geopolitics of the time, including also in Greek, called "Lower Albania" and extended from Vlora to Preveza. Any mercenary himarjot as Spiro Milo in question in that case was used to present the invasion as a spontaneous act of willing local population.

Can be restored, according to you, some specific rights for the coastal area, based on historical tradition in this regard? A figure may be revised Spiro Milos, given that the review and rehabilitation of historical figures is also promoted by the Prime Minister?
Only a closed mind and primitive return can claim today, in modern Europe, returning to the Anatolian system "Venom". If in 1925, Bird knew Himara some fiscal autonomy, it did not as a "concession" to Himara, but as an obligation on a deal other runway, which had previously reached with Athens, as he had done well in case of settlement made by Pasic of Serbia. So, to overthrow the democratic government of Noli, he sought the help of Greece, which offered immediately, as soon Bird agreed to implement certain requirements of "Greek agenda", including the granting of fiscal autonomy and the opening of school Himara Greek Albanian in this country. For the sake of truth must be said that the latter, viz. Greek school opening in Himara, as he pushed the bird, situated as it was under pressure from intellectuals and Patriots officials, as was Eqrem Çabej, in this case. The above failures, in terms of a return to medieval system of "Venom", if the bird did fall victim to its own policies and unprincipled, but also for the fact that after 1933 his position was weakened considerably after exacerbation relations with Fascist Italy. At the time, he was forced to return card "friendship" with Athens, and in this context put into the promises concerning the "autonomy" of Himara, who had received prior to the Greek ambassador in Athens. Concerning the revision of the figure of Spiromilos today, the campaign of "revision" of history, announced by Prime Minister Berisha, I can say that this practice has performed in such a thing. Declared as a friend to head Vasil Bolanos, a man who has defied history, the Constitution and all the Albanian people, seeking autonomy Himara all "Northern Epirus", until its union with Greece. It's strange how history repeats and that as circulating "zoqtë" our policy of Albania. By the year 1926, Athens had "delegated" to Himara her two mercenaries, "Major" Spiromilo the 1912-es, and some Jorgji Bolanos, ancestor of Basil of Berisha. Same time, a himarjot, E. Nushi, wrote in a book on Himara Corfu, which denounced as unscrupulous mercenaries and robbers as they landed two "Himara" rooted in the Kurveleshi Progonat, which not coincidentally were both in Athens and Benjamin Bird. So, Mr.. Berisha does not have to make historians out to write a different story, thanks to his flowing like in 1926.
Bust for Spiro Milo, commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Albanian "anti-Independence" or something more...

What the himariot organizations thinking?

100 years of the creation of the Albanian state does not seem to have sufficed to internal problems. Even those with capital and related matters with the cohesion between its regions, although the Constitution stipulates that Albania is a unitary state. Thus a century independence from the Ottoman Empire also carry with them 100 years of conservation issues in light of democratization recycled again as part of a confrontation identities. One of them, more subtle, is Himara and coast, whose representatives are expected around September to organize a scientific symposium to what is otherwise known as the uprising, or revolt Himara. "The revolt of Himara objection relates to Spiro Milo and area residents made the decision of the Great Powers to leave Himara within state.

Even if this issue read on Wikipedia, shows that this time the appeal was rejected the Greek Prime Minister Venizelos to accept the decision of the Great Powers. Hence it is called the revolt began Himara which led to the signing of the Protocol of Corfu, which recognizes the province's independence, "said the Century, journalist Stavri Marko, both Community Association Executive Director Himarjot. It must be remembered that the Corfu Protocol recognizes the autonomy of Northern Epirus, sanctioned among those who ran the movement for autonomy as a party and party, the Albanian represented in the person of Mehdi Frasheri. The symposium comes as an initiative of Professor Priamo Bolanos and is supported by the community in order to solve the historical facts and the role of Spiro Milo in front of "Albania, Greece and the Great Powers," as Mark explains. It comes to what otherwise articulated as the battle to preserve the rights of the province, within which at times has conceived a bold identity and consciousness that gives little value ethnic origin.

At the symposium to be held in Himara personalities will participate himarjot community in Albania, Greece, Europe BTF U.S., which gives him no small importance in the context of Albania's political. Put in relation to legal and institutional framework, obviously symposium will take place in full knowledge of the Albanian authorities and Prime Minister Sali Berisha.Therefore it except a right of residents of the area, comes in accordance with law, to leave the heated debate only on the historical. Furthermore, Mark states that representatives of the community but also the Diaspora, would require City Council for permission to Himara a bust, or monument to the well known Spiromilo Spiro, who is riadoptohet as valuable historical figure from the province of the where it had originated. First in a diachronic overview, there is a new event, it simply riaktualizon a political problem for Albania, but that the optics of Himara representatives is a right denied. The included as part of implementation of rights, the question implied in the approach towards the European family, which provides equal opportunities for all.

Source: Gazeta Shekulli.


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